10 Best Free Cloud Storage For Your Backups In 2023

Hello dear friends. We hope you’re doing well. Are you looking for the best free cloud storage for your backups in 2023? Yes, then you landed in the right place. Through our research, we will share a helpful and informative blog post about the 10 best free cloud storage for your backups in 2023.

In short, cloud storage helps you in many ways. It stores your data on a remote server where it’s manageable, secure to use, convenient for sharing files with your friends and family, cost-efficient, which helps you financially, an automation system that manages your stored files, and more.

Now let’s dive into the 10 best free cloud storage for your backups in 2023


Mega is the most trusted, best-protected cloud storage communication privacy by design. Mega free cloud storage offers up to 20GB of free storage by signing up via your E-mail. Reliable storage and fast transfer that is awesome. End-to-end encrypted with keys controlled by you.

With MEGA’s end-to-end encrypted chat, you can send and receive messages, share files, and make audio and video calls. Seamless software for your desktop apps, mobile apps, MEGA CMD, and browser extensions.

Mega cloud storage

Mega cloud storage might reduce storage capacity if you don’t complete achievements. But millions of users rely on MEGA to store massive amounts of files on their behalf using their cutting-edge infrastructure.

Google Drive

Google Drive is easy and secure access to your content. Organize, share, and work together on files and folders using your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Google Drive offers users 15 GB of secure free cloud storage with docs, sheets, slides, and forms content creation.

Google drive cloud storage

Google drive’s powerful search capabilities and AI technology help your team move faster because team members can find files fast by quickly surfacing more relevant results. Support over 100 additional files, including PDFs, CAD files, images, and more.

In Google Drive, there is no password for sharing links. But your files can be accessed securely and encrypted through Google Drive.


pCloud is another excellent free cloud storage that’s secure and simple to use cloud storage for your word files, music, videos, and documents. pCloud offers up to 10 GB of free online storage by signing up via your E-mail, Facebook account, and Apple id. It helps to share and collaborate with your friends on every file. With pCloud Drive, you can save and access your files on your laptop, phone, or the internet.

pCloud free cloud storage

pCloud encryption costs extra, and the most valuable features are not available in the free version, but more than 16 million users have chosen it for free and premium for all of their cloud storage needs.


OneDrive personal free cloud storage is excellent cloud storage by Microsoft. It saves your photos and files to OneDrive, and you can access them anywhere. When you save your files and photos to OneDrive, you won’t lose them if you misplace your device. Shareable and collaborative files, folders, and photos with your friends and family by just sending a link via text or E-mail.

OneDrive free cloud storage

In OneDrive cloud storage, there is less storage than in similar services. Signing up on OneDrive gives you 5 GB of free space to save photos and files.


Dropbox has a small amount of free cloud storage service that offers you 2 GB of storage with simple ways to earn more, up to 18 GB of free storage, and start accessing and sharing files, photos, and documents from any device. File sync system that you can backup anything by putting it in your computer’s Dropbox folder. The file recovery option will help you back up your deleted files by mistake.

Dropbox free cloud storage

As a Dropbox cloud storage user, you can share files with friends and family, but bandwidth will be limited if you share a folder with someone.


Degoo is AI-based free cloud storage that helps you rediscover your best photos. It offers up to 100 GB of free storage, which is vast from other similar services. You can get up to 500 GB of space by referring to your friends. You’ll get a 5 GB referring bonus for each person who joins through your referral. Also, you can get up to 1 GB of space by watching ads with no limit. End-to-end encryption feature that allows you to secure sharing.

Degoo free cloud storage

In Degoo, you might get disturbance by navigating their website, and it’s challenging to use.


MediaFire‘s free cloud storage offers up to 10 GB of free space to share files with your friends. In that case, you may increase the space to 50 GB or more by referring your friends.

MediaFire free cloud storage

In MediaFire, you can share your files through E-mail, links, or social networks with your friends and family. The unlimited bandwidth makes your downloads very fast. Also, multiple uploads at once mean you may have hundreds or even thousands of files uploaded at a time.

You may have to worry about your account inactivity as a MediaFire user. If you are no longer active on your account, your account may expire after inactivity.


Internxt is another free cloud storage that offers up to 10 GB of free storage to store your files in total privacy. You can know Internxt as zero-knowledge cloud storage with best-in-class privacy and security, allowing you only to watch your files.

Internxt free cloud storage

There isn’t much user-friendly interface. And that is a bad user experience. Also, there is no trash folder, so you’re not allowed to return deleted files by mistake.


The free cloud storage platform, Trainbit is a secure and collaborative service that helps you store your files, images, documents, and music with your friends and family. You are excited to know that they offer up to 5 TB (5000 GB) of free space by signing up via your E-mail. You can call it a free premium account.

But you may be facing some uploaded file download problems using their storage. And less feature user interface that a bad user experience. But most features are good, like uploading via URL, via your e-mail, fast upload, direct download, and more.

Trainbit free cloud storage


Another free cloud storage platform offers up to 1 TB (1024 GB) to store photos and videos. Get private cloud storage by the function “Locked Box,” which means your stored data are secure. In TeraBox, many features are provided to play video & audio multi-speed and quickly share your files with anyone by E-mail or onelink. But in case of recipients want to download your shareable file to download, the recipients need to make an account.

TeraBox free cloud storage

Best free cloud storage for personal use

You see, lots of free cloud storage offers some free storage. But when using free cloud storage for personal use, you need to consider its rights by comparing features, security, reliability, convenience for sharing files, etc.

To choose the best free cloud storage for personal use, our opinion is to use Google DrivepCloud, and OneDive. These free storages are comparable to use for personal use.


We hope this 10 best free cloud storage for your backup in the 2023 blog post is useful, helpful, and informative. We will share these more practical, helpful, and informative blog posts in the coming days. Please stay connected with us.

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