How To Get OneDrive 5TB Free Storage For Lifetime 2023

Hello dear friends. We hope you are doing well these days. Today, we have come up with exciting tips and tricks, and I hope to get OneDrive 5TB free storage for lifetime uses in the 2023 method is a helpful and informative blog post for you.

OneDrive offers a free plan which includes 5GB of free storage by creating an account. But today, we will talk about the OneDrive 5TB to 25TB free cloud storage provided by the official Microsoft Developer Program. Not only 5TB free OneDrive storage, but using this shared method, you can get Microsoft Office 365 apps such as Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, (…), and many more.

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By getting the Microsoft Developer program account, you can access an admin account that generates up to 25 license keys for your friends, family, coworkers, and more. And you can access their content with the admin account.

All right! Please don’t waste any time; let’s begin!

And remember, we are not sharing any OneDrive premium accounts password or access here. These tips and tricks – OneDrive 5TB free is officially from the Microsoft Developer Program. Please use these shared tips and tricks just for education and learning purposes. Thank you.

OneDrive 5TB free storage lifetime – detailed explanation

Step 1: Go to Microsoft Developer Program and click the blue button saying Join Now.

Step 2: Create a Microsoft account or sign in with that account info if you have one. I’d suggest you use your real Infos, or not, do whatever you want.

Step 3: Now select your country, a company name, accept conditions, whatever.

Step 4: They will ask you about your primary focus as a developer. And say that you want to use this account for personal projects.

Step 5: Now it asks what areas of Microsoft 365 development you are interested in. Just put whatever you want, and you will have access to everything still.

Step 6: They ask you to set up your Microsoft 365 E5 sandbox. I’d suggest you take the Instant Sandbox, but you won’t be able to customize the domain name. Please select whatever is suitable for you.

Step 7: Now fill up your info to set up your Microsoft 365 E5 instant sandbox by creating an admin account.

Step 8: Add your phone number and verify the number for security purposes. (You will also have to use an authenticator to connect to the account.)

Step 9: Great! Your Microsoft 365 developer admin account has been created. And you will land on the below page.

Microsoft 365 E5 instant sandbox admin

Did you notice that the admin account is only premium for 90 days? Yes! But it will renew automatically if they think you are using this account as a developer. So, you have to use all these Microsoft Office 365 apps as a developer, and it will be fine.

Step 10: Alright! Scroll down, enable all of the Microsoft Office 365 primary apps, then click apply.

Microsoft Office 365 apps enable

Step 11: Go to and connect with the administrator’s mail and password. (You will find the administrator mail on your Microsoft 365 developer account and use the password of your Microsoft 365 developer account.)

Office 365 Administrator login

Step 12: Now, if you explore OneDrive from the dashboard or log in to OneDrive using the identical administrator mail and password, you will see the storage size is 1TB.

To get up to 5TB to 25TB OneDrive storage for free, you have to do a few more manipulations now!

Step 13: From the Microsoft Office 365 account, click on Admin.

Microsoft Office 365 Account

Step 14: Now you’re on the Microsoft 365 admin center, click on show all from the left bar, click on All admin centers, and then go to Sharepoint.

Microsoft 365 admin center

Step 15: Now you redirect to the SharePoint admin center, right? Yes! Now click on Settings -> OneDrive Storage Limit, set the storage value from 1024GB to 5120GB (5TB), and then hit Save.

SharePoint admin center - OneDrive

Congrats! You are done. Enjoy the OneDrive 5TB free storage and all the Microsoft Office 365 apps!


If you are a developer, student, or teacher, then the OneDrive 5TB free storage for a lifetime in 2023 is a helpful and informative blog post. It will help you to manage your projects or educational institute as well. We will share these more useful blog posts in the coming days. Please stay connected with me. Thank you.

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36 thoughts on “How To Get OneDrive 5TB Free Storage For Lifetime 2023”

    • Your subscription gets renewed automatically after 90 days if they think you are using the account as a developer. If not renewed, your data will not be deleted for a specific time, and OneDrive can ask you to renew ta account to take data.

  1. Hello, the method worked for me. Thank you so much. At first I had problems when going from 1tb to 5tb, I managed to do it by going to: Microsoft 365 admin center > Users > Active users > (my user) > Onedrive.. And there in “used storage” edit it so that user can use maximum storage.
    Now a question. How can I make Microsoft see that I am using the account in developer mode? And so I renewed the subscription. Should I be creating word documents, or something like that?

  2. Hi sir,

    My files app only shows that it’s 1 TB. I complete changed the storage limit from 1Tb to 5Tb. Thanks.

    It does not show that it is 5TB

    • It must show 5TB. Maybe you do not follow the complete process. If you still face the issue, please message our Telegram group. You will get your solution. Thank you.

    • It’s 90 days. But use the account like a developer, and it will be renewed to lifetime automatically. Example: Upload some programming video or some study-related video.

  3. Thanks. It worked !
    If microsoft verifiesw that you are a developper, does it mean that microsoft checks what’s in my drive. Is it mandatory to download and store programmig videos ? What happens if i store personnal data inside ? Do I have to upload programming videos only one time to keep my account until microsoft verifies my account or I have to do it all the time ? How many verifications does microsoft do to my account ?

  4. Hi I get this issue below when i try to set up sanbox
    Sandbox provisioning is currently disabled due to a technical issue. Please try again in a few days.

  5. I just create an account but can not accept my administrative email: [email protected]
    it’s showing
    “This username may be incorrect.
    Make sure you typed it correctly.
    Otherwise, contact your admin.”


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