What are the uses of Canva? Beginner’s Guide

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What is Canva?

Canva is a tool that can help you design your images, videos, logo, banner, presentations, business cards, content creation, and lots more. Using Canva, you can design whatever you want. You need some basic knowledge of using Canva. It is an online graphic design tool that touches your inner designer. You can design using a drag-and-drop interface, which is user-friendly and easy to use.

Canva plans and pricing explanation

You are happy to know that Canva has a free plan you can get by signing up using your email on Canva. In the free plan, you can use Canva’s all-ready-made designs, but the free plan has its limitation. The limitation is that if you use their pro designs, you must give a “Canva” credit on the design. While you use Canva’s pro plans, you do not need to provide any “Canva” credit. Just design whatever you want.

Canva offers three plans: Canva Free, Canva Pro, and Canva for Teams. The free plan comes with free, and the pro and teams plans come with a $6.49/per month for one person and $8.49/per month for the first 5 people. You are excited to know these pro and team plans offer a 30-day free trial.

To compare Canva’s plans, pricing, limitations, and features, please visit the Canva pricing page to learn more.

Canva for education and non-profits

Canva education plan comes up with free. It’s designed to inspire teachers and engage students. Teachers and students can use the Canva education plan to customize their design with Canva’s simple drag-and-drop editor and increase their design skills.

Canva’s non-profits plan is also free and designed to help charitable organizations that are operating¬†benefits for the public and must be on a not-for-profit basis.

Who uses canva?

Millions of graphic designers, digital marketers, influencers, advertisers, bloggers, SEOs, agencies, companies, and more users from 190 countries use Canva as their primary design tool.

Benefits of using Canva?

  • Canva has 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, graphics, and design templates.
  • A non-designer can be a designer.
  • Easy-to-use interface, drag & drop, and user-friendly navigation.
  • Ready-made design templates.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Professional-looking designs that are quick and easy.
  • Can create your presentations, which are cinematic visuals that captivate your audience.
  • Visual docs can supercharge your documents with images, videos, graphs, and charts.
  • The online whiteboard tool is designed for your teams. It can help you to collaborate on your project plan with your teams.
  • Graph and charts maker can help you to get a beautiful graph or diagram in minutes.
  • PDF editor tool that compresses your files into JPG, PNG, or PDF.
  • Photos and video editors can help you to edit photos and videos and create photo collages.
  • Printing tool helps you create and design business cards, invitations, t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and more.
  • Canva marketing tool helps digital marketers create websites and design logos, social media content, posters, flyers, and more marketing equipment.


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